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Maui Style Celebration

Aloha travel fans!! Today's blog brings us to the tropical island of Maui, Hawaii. We recently spent time kicking our feet up, relaxing and celebrating the guy who inspires this blog....Daddy Edition's own, Jason!! He recently had a birthday the end of January, so we hopped on our favorite Hawaiian Airlines and crossed the Pacific for a nice getaway stay at The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas.

With no plans to speak of for the next five nights, we stocked up on some beverages and snacks to enjoy at our one bedroom villa and cruised along the Honoapiilani Highway toward Ka'anapali. After checking in at our resort oasis overlooking over Kahekili Beach, we were famished!! In search of lunch, we dropped anchor at Captain Jack's Island Grill in Lahaina Town. This open air eatery is always a great choice with offerings like salads, burgers and Jason's local favorite...Loco Moco!!

Down the stairs to Front Street, we strolled across the street to take shelter from the sun under the historic Banyan Tree. The unique structure of this tree makes it the largest in the United States. It's aerial roots grow into trunks as they reach the ground. The canopy it creates is supported by 16 trunks in addition to the original. Over the years, the tree has been tended to by the residents of the Lahaina community preserving it's health and beauty.

Jason and I always love some massage therapy when on a getaway but this time was a bit different. We indulged in spa treatments meant to trigger our relaxation senses by hearing the crash of waves, birds chirping nearby and the wash of sea air over our flesh. Marriot's "Spa by the Sea" oceanside cabanas could have been a perfect experience had the chatty passersby on the beach been a bit more respectful when meandering by the cabana. Kids playing and adults commenting "they could really use one of those" really distracted us from completely enjoying the experience.

Up the road about 13 miles from our resort along the rugged coastline at Nakalele Point is the infamous "blowhole". Blowhole earns it's name based on it's unique formation. This partially submerged ocean cave will blast water much like a geyser or a humpback whale spray when the ocean waves crash into it. From where we parked along the highway, we hiked down over rocky terrain to observe the blowhole activity. On this particular day, it was pretty tame but we did witness a few nice sprays which I got some still pics of and recorded a good five minutes of video to only capture the smallest spritz (see video).

The months from January to March are peak season for catching a glimpse of the North Pacific Humpback Whale as they migrate to the Hawaiian islands. Maui is said to have the best and most sightings. We found several great vantage points along Highway 30 and as we Californians like to say "struck gold" when we arrived at McGregor Point Lighthouse. Something we have only ever seen on TV or in print we witnessed firsthand as these ocean creatures frolicked and breached the water before us. There was an abundance of activity while we stood watch over the emerald waters and poised our cameras to snap that perfect shot of the humpbacks fluke or breaching their enormous bodies as they maneuvered from one end of the bay to the other. Take a peak at what Daddy Edition captured!!. Such an amazing experience!

The remainder of our trip consisted of relaxing and taking in more of the tropical beauty the island and resort had to offer. I will comment that in comparison to previous trips we have taken to the island during spring and summer months, traveling in January brought a wonderfully mild temperature. The weather was absolutely perfect with low humidity ranging from a comfy 70-80 degrees daily. We enjoyed several strolls down the beach walk to Whalers Village for our evening meals.

Until our next adventure.....Keep it REEL Bitchin!!!


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